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Glori Energy (OTCQB: GLRI) is a technology focused energy company that applies its proprietary AERO System to oil fields in order to increase the amount of oil that can be economically recovered. Two-thirds of all oil discovered in a typical reservoir is unrecoverable using conventional production technology. Glori’s microbial technology stimulates a reservoir’s native microorganisms to improve the recoverability of this trapped oil. Glori provides its AERO System as a service to third party E&P companies, and also uses its technology to increase oil production in fields that it acquires and redevelops in the United States.

Glori has assembled a team of oil industry professionals with extensive experience in all facets of acquiring and managing oil properties. Glori’s acquisition team has a pipeline of potential acquisitions, both through direct private negotiations as well as the public bid process. Glori will acquire and redevelop mature oil fields with historically long-lived, predictable production profiles that fit the criteria for the AERO System. This strategy enables Glori to capture the increase in revenues and ultimate oil recovery while further demonstrating the efficacy of its technology. By owning its own oil properties, Glori can manage the implementation of the AERO System in a controlled environment and accelerate the industry adoption of the technology.